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Adore Your Melon, a New York-based philanthropic clothing brand, began with the concept of finding a hat for every child with the highest number of cancers in the United States. more than Dollar31. $ 5 thousand in revenue this year. To date, the company has provided more than 4 dollars. $ 7 million to fight most pediatric cancers and $ 147,000 million, which is also a great way for young children with most cancers. So far, the hats and clothing brand has developed thanks to elizabeth-business and its wholesale enthusiasts. On 28 September, Adore Your Melon will open in New York, in the shopping district "N. Loop", on a lawn located at a higher level of its head office. The brands 2 main, five hundred rectangular-pi. The line of business will abandon single-item launches and you will be able to buy new services for a while until everything is sold. The company can also function as a content creation destination for the company, influencers and celebrities, as well as event space. The organization will host art installations in the area indicating the manufacturer and the quest. According to Zachary Quinn, co-founder and president of Love Your Melon, the commercial sector will not be the complete store concept, but it will be operational at special times. The company typically introduces new web-based services once a week. The good news is that it will develop new services for your business two or three times a month. At this point, the company will be ready to accept the general public. Adore Your Melon can also partner with brand names. Influential people are able to use the area to launch photo and film launches. Other 30 men's fall brands may also collaborate on written content and opportunities, he said.

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